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The Unified Rate for Airport Use (acronym in Spanish: TUUA)) is currently included in the airline tickets.* This payment allows passengers go through TUUA control towards boarding area only one time.

TUUA is also required for all transfer passengers who decide to leave boarding gates and need to enter again, and to those that having passed TUUA control towards boarding gates, leave this area and need to pass this control again. In these cases, passengers may pay the rate in the stands located for such purpose on the second level of the airport.

American Dollars (US$)
Nuevos Soles ( S/.)**
$ 30.74
S/. 85.76
$ 10.64
S/. 31.81

* The passengers must confirm with the airline if the Unified Rate for Airport Use is included in the ticket.
** Exchange rate under the Fare LAP 2015.

Airport Tickets Rehabilitation Procedure

1. The passenger must request the revalidation Format from the airline’s representative.
2. Once the form is filled in by the passenger, it should be returned to the airline’s representative.
3. The authorized airline’s representative should review, sign and seal the above mentioned form.
4. The passenger should present the form to the Airport Duty Officer (Oficina de Jefatura de Aeropuerto – mezzanine) who will authorize and revalidate the stamp (sign and seal) if applicable.
5. The passenger will be able to board with the revalidated stamp within a period of 30 days.

Grounds For Rehabilitation
Specific grounds under which LAP will revalidate the TUUA:
1. Delay or cancellation of the flight, as a result of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) in Jorge Chávez International Airport (AIJCh).
2. Delay or cancellation of the flight, as a result of wildlife incursions or bird strikes in AIJCh.
3. Bomb Alert in AIJCh.
4. Closing of destination airport.
5. Health problems verified by the doctor assigned to the airport (Cardio Movil), or by the doctor of the International Aviation Medical Service, or by means of decision of the Captain of the aircraft in which the passenger will embark.
6. Delays caused by the problems of homonymy generated by the migratory authorities.
7. Delay or cancellation of the flight due to verified meteorological conditions.
8. Delay or cancellation of the flight due to the emission of a NOTAM by the Civil Aviation Directorate (DGAC).
9. Delay or cancellation of flight due to damage on the AIJCh runway.
10. Transfer of a passenger suspected of the illicit trafficking of drugs (ITD) be having ingested them to an area beyond the restricted zone of the airport. If after the relevant medical examinations all suspicions of ITD are ruled out, then the passenger will be permitted to continue with the boarding process interrupted on suspicion of actions for which he was not responsible.

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